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Along came Rodger...

It has been a few weeks since I've given an update. We took a much needed trip to North Dakota to visit friends and family and we were gone 10 days! That's a long time for me, ask anyone who knows me well. I wanted the house to keep progressing while we were gone so I asked around and found Rodger. He has been my life saver! I couldn't wait to get back and see all the things he had accomplished while we were away. Remember the bathroom and laundry room were still in studs the last time I blogged? Not any more! The insulation, sheet rock (on both ceiling and walls), trim and flooring were all put in. I'm sure I looked like a kid on Christmas morning. The following week, my amazing koosi's (aunts) came out to help me paint. Lets just say, they should be professional painters! They came in like pros with their favorite paint brushes and rollers. They were so amazing. Once the paint was set and done, the bathroom vanity and shower were put in. I really debated on putting a tub in the bathroom because who doesn't like to soak every once in a while? We had found this beautiful claw foot tub a while back (outside someones barn and luckily he sold it to us) and after deciding to use it I took it to have it sand blasted and refurbished. It came out more perfect than we imagined. Things are falling into place and Rodgers list keeps growing but hey, It's getting completed. We are getting closer and closer to opening and I'm one happy Lady!

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