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Getting Closer by the day

With so much going on and not being open as soon as we had planned, we thought it would be a good idea to create a blog to keep everyone updated. It has been 307 days since we began the process of moving and remodeling this old house. We've had our happy and exciting days but there has also been the not so fun days. Of course, we knew it would come with its challenges, what house doesn't? Especially a 1930's house. The living room and bedrooms are almost complete. They just lack the final touches such as curtains and wall decor. The kitchen, in my opinion, is the best part and of course taking the longest to finish. It's been a whirlwind of a time finding granite and getting it cut to the specific sizes we needed. Who knew two small pieces of granite could give someone such a headache? Today, they are finally getting set as well as the beautiful farm house sink (that I wish I had in my house). Guess I can't have my cake and ice cream, as my husband tells me! The "water test" gets done today to make sure pipes are all squared away and good to go! You know what that means? Running water in the kitchen! Praise Jesus!

As for the back part of the house...I mean do we really have to go there? Ok, fine. As much as I want to dwell and look back on all the pretty furniture and whats been done, there is still the reality of the not so done part. The bathroom and laundry still have a ways to go. Plumbing is officially done but next comes the drywall, flooring, paint and then I'll feel better about it all. Now, lets move on to the wrap around porch. My favorite. Although the tin hasn't been set in place its coming along. Once its done and complete it will probably be where most of my time will be spent as it over looks the pasture and pond.

So that's where we stand as of today. I'll try my hardest to keep this blog updated. We've had so many ask about coming to see it, please be patient with us. With all the positive feedback we have decided to have a grand opening and will let everyone know when that will take place. Needless to say, we are beyond excited to get this place fully restored and share its blessings with you all.

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